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Masonry Restoration by Langlois Construction LLC

From historical heritage buildings, to modern commercial structures, Langlois Construction LLC masonry restoration experts are equipped with the advanced technology and tools to preserve brick and stone architecture and that protects and restores the value, structural integrity and beauty of masonry on all types of commercial buildings. 

Qualified Masonry Expertise

As an experienced and licensed masonry restoration contractor, we collaborate regularly with a range of building professionals to provide clients with complete line of restoration services that includes qualified stone repair, brick chimney repair and brick mortar repair customized according to specific requirements.

Advanced Stone and Brick Repair Technology

Using advanced thermography and virtual modeling, Langlois Construction LLC craftsmen identify any weakness in commercial structures and create detailed and comprehensive plans that involve a full scope of skilled services:

Masonry Cleaning – Cleaning and paint stripping with chemical applications and non-abrasive products using a sponge jet process overseen by a team of experienced Langlois Construction LLC stone masons.

Water Repellent Treatment – Identification of water infiltration, complete waterproofing and water damage repair.

Restoration and Conservation of Historical Buildings – Stone rebuilding using specialty mortar and/or stone replacement including terra cotta replacement, tuck pointing and caulking.

Concrete Restoration – Includes spall repair, parking garage and parking lot repair, epoxy injection and balcony and stone step restoration.

Brick Pointing – Removal of old mortar and mortar replacement for commercial stone and brick buildings.

Stone Restoration and Replacement – Commercial facade restoration and removal of defaced, decaying or spalling stone and brick due to water problems and frequent freezing and thawing cycles. Older brick components are replaced with matching colors and styles.

Chimney Pointing – Old mortar joints are ground out and refilled with matching mortar.  Chimney cap pointing adjusted and sloped to enable water runoff.

Lintel Replacement – Look for warning signs of masonry cracks over doors and windows. Lintels rust over time and require replacement in order to maintain structural stability. 

Historic Masonry Restoration

Exposure to moisture and environmental contaminants will compromise both the visual appearance and structural security of a heritage building over time. Masonry components eventually weak and become prone to cracking, spalling and oxidation which not only threatens safety but ultimately decreases the value of a historical monument and deprives both owners and onlookers from benefiting from a remnant of the past. Heritage buildings merit the attention to detail and expertise that only a conservation masonry specialist can provide.

Recognized as a certified historic masonry restoration contractor, Langlois Construction LLC is skilled and extensively experienced with all aspects of structurally reinforcing and preserving the architectural beauty of heritage institutions and structures. Our certified craftsmen are committed to excellence in stone and brick restoration in adherence to the strict standards of historical landmark guidelines.

The Benefits of Caulking Your Commercial Building

Langlois Construction LLC specialists provide skilled exterior caulking that protects and preserves the most crucial areas of a commercial structure. Both control and expansion joints, as well as the soffits, fascia and frames around windows and doors require regular inspections and caulking to ensure safety, guard against moisture infiltration and save on energy costs.

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