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Masonry Repair by Langlois Construction LLC

Specializing in brick stone and block repair, Langlois Construction LLC provides licensed masonry repair for commercial buildings that include:

  • Chimney repair and rebuild
  • Commercial brick repair
  • Block repair
  • Stone work
  • Commercial brick repointing
  • Repair and restoration for pillars and glass blocks
  • Brick wall restoration
  • Window and door fill ins

Specialists in Masonry Chimney repair

Langlois Construction LLC experts removed all damaged and eroded brick from a commercial chimney and repoint all visible cracks in brick mortar with fresh applications that are fully sealed and offer complete protection from moisture and water infiltration. Our licensed brick and stone masons inspect the flue and remove chimney caps and replace it with concrete crown and drip edge to ensure efficient water runoff. Whether your requirements include a complete chimney rebuild or repairs to chimney flashing and brick mortar only, we ensure the safety of commercial chimney systems and provide repairs in accordance with local building codes.

Brick Masonry Repair

Water infiltration, improperly mixed mortar, faulty brick mortar joint installation, weather and adverse environmental influences are all factors that contribute to the decay and deterioration of commercial brick facades over time. Langlois Construction LLC masonry contractors carefully chisel masonry joints to remove old mortar and replace it for an enhanced appearance that offers exceptional protection and structural security.

Stone Masonry Repair

Finely crafted stone masonry is long lasting, durable and adds timeless visual appeal to any commercial structure. Preserve property values with certified repair services from a stone masonry contractor offering traditional craftsman ship with advanced industry techniques.

Langlois Construction LLC Brick Pointing

Knowledgeable in advanced eco-friendly masonry technology, Langlois Construction LLC provides masonry repair methods that are designed to replace harsh chemical applications and include advanced and gentle repair techniques that preserve the architectural beauty on both heritage buildings and modern commercial brick facades.  Our masonry repair contractors ensure moisture protection for brick and stonework as well as enhanced energy performance for all types of commercial structures with customized mortar mixtures and specially prepared water repellant formulas.

Brick Restoration Process

Cracks in brick mortar are gently ground and handled with extra care by Langlois Construction LLC craftsmen to avoid unnecessary widening of the mortar joint.  The decayed mortar is then carefully removed with specialty vacuums that minimize dust and do not damage adjoining stone and brick that still remains intact. Our specialists adapt brick pointing and masonry sealing applications that are highly effective yet still allow brick and stone work to “breathe” yet remain safeguarded against water infiltration.

Reliable Masonry Expertise

Owned and operated by a dedicated and licensed team of experienced and licensed masons and qualified construction experts, Langlois Construction LLC offers complete assessments and repair services that fulfill any masonry restoration requirement.  Whether you require professional chimney repair or replacement, skilled masonry wall restoration, mortar repair to cracks in building facades or full restoration to a historical building, our seasoned craftsmen provide complete inspections and complete each masonry repair project on time and on budget for commercial buildings large or small.

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